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Do you sell your address-registration names ?


No. We have never sold a customers name or address or phone or email address


What materials are available ?


We process many different materials. We have many of the most commonly used materials; Paper, Calandered Vinyl, Cast Vinyls, Styrenes, Overlaminates and Polycarbonate in stock. Please email us if you have requirements for other materials, and we will try to accommodate your needs.


What is the difference between Cast and Calandered Vinyl ?


Over the last several years the differences have been narrowing as the manufacturers of calandered vinyl have been making improvements to their process. Cast Vinyl is made by pouring the vinyl onto paper, running it down a conveyor over, and forcing the solvents out. The best Cast vinyl will usually out perform the best calandered vinyl. Calendared vinyl is usually thicker, and is made by kneading the vinyl between rollers. Plasticizers and the mechanical action heats and softens the vinyl allowing it to be “rolled out”. The vinyl usually has more solvents (Plasticizers) and stored energy from the process. Generally there is more shrinkage over time as the solvents migrate out.


Indoor and outdoor life ?


Both cast and calandered vinyls should exceed 5 year life inside, when properly applied to a compatible surface. Outside you should get a longer life from cast vinyl. Many factors beside those of the material influence life and performance. Factors such as direction the decal faces, horizontal or vertical, material applied to, climate, cleaning method, surface preparation, and more. Five to seven year exterior life for cast vinyl is not uncommon. Calandered vinyl usually ranges from 3 to 5 years.


Durability of printing processes ?


Flexography or Laser print on paper has the shortest life. Computer controlled Hot stamping on vinyl has a 3 to 5 year outdoor life depending on colors used. Reds typically start turning pink towards the end of there life. Solvent ink jet on vinyl has a 3 to 5 year expected life. Life can be extended by using a clear over lamination. Where and how the decal is applied, has a great impact on life. A horizontal applcation that is subjected to rain and southern sun will not last as long as the same graphic applied to a vertical surface facing North Screen printing with solvent inks offers the longest exterior life, 5 to 7 years, and is best used with solid colors.


File transfer ?


Our web site has a link to our FTP server.

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